Spanish national translation prizes 2012

Spanish national prize for a translator’s work 2012

Francisco J. Uriz (Zaragoza, 1932) is honored “for a life dedicated to translation, for an immense work as translator of Scandinavian literature into Spanish, and for the founding of Casa del Traductor [The translator’s house].”

This prize, endowed with 20.000 EUR and awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports, wants to recognize and distinguish the complete work by a Spanish translator.

Uriz, a law graduate from Zaragoza, has lived for 30 years in Stockholm, Sweden, where he taught and translated narrative, drama and poetry. He worked as an official translator for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and founded La Casa del Traductor [The translator’s house] in Tarazona, Zaragoza.

The prize winner translates mainly from Swedish into Spanish and, teaming up with Swedish colleagues, Spanish and Latin American drama into Swedish.

National prize for the best translation into Spanish

Luz Gómez García (Madrid, 1967) receives an equally endowed prize, for the best translation into one of Spain’s official languages, for her translation of Mahmud Darwix’s En presencia de la ausencia [In the abscence’s presence].

Gómez García holds a PhD in Arabic Philology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where she works as a professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Her translations of the Palestine poet Mahmud Darwix have underpinned that author’s recognition in Spain. Her main fields of study are islam and islamism and the translation of Arabic poetry. In the past, she was a researcher at the CEDEJ [Center for Economic, Legal and Social Studies and Documentation] in Cairo, Egypt, and at the IFEAD [formerly: French Institute for Arab Studies, now here] in Damascus, Syria, and a lecturer of Arabic and Islamic Studies as well as of Translation and Interpretation a the University of Alicante, Spain. She contributes to the newspaper El País, and works as an analyst for CNN+, TVE, Cadena SER and RNE [Spanish national radio channels]. The Spanish Wikipedia has this article on her; the UAM has this information (in Spanish).


Most of the information contained here comes from an article published in the online newspaper Voz pópuli on Nov. 6, 2012


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