Maria Dueñas’ second novel

Behind the novels by E.L. James, Ken Follet, and one about vampires, Dueñas second novel holds the sixth position on this week’s Fnac’s best-seller list of Spanish-language books.

The publisher’s description on reads like is this:

A shining novel, a tribute to second chances, reconciliation and reconstruction. The reunion with the author who fascinated us between seamstresses [hint at the Spanish title of her first novel, The Time in Between] and who seduces us again with an unforgettable mission. Unable to recompose her own broken pieces, the professor Blanca Perea desperately accepts what she thinks will be a tedious academic project. Her personal stability collapsed, her marriage crashed. Confused and devastated, flight to the insignificant Californian university of Santa Cecilia is her only option. The campus where she ends up results a lot more attractive than thought; it is being agitated by a civic movement against the destruction of a legendary landscape with the aim of building a shopping center there. And her academic project, the catalogization of her fellow Spaniard Andrés Fontana, who has been dead for decades, is not as unsubstantial as it looked. As she works on expanding the memory of this forgotten hispanist, Daniel Carter,  an experienced and attractive American colleague of hers who does not hold the position he should, gets closer to the protagonist. Placed between these two men, one through his posthumous testimonies and the other through his growing involvement, Blanca will see herself drawn into a framework of found feelings, buried intrigues, and doors that haven’t been closed totally. Why did not anybody care to rescue the work Andrés Fontana left when he died? Why, after thirty years, does someone have an interest that finally all that gets known? What does all the old hispanist’s unfinished work have to do with the things going on at Santa Cecilia in the present? What did motivate him to take the dust off the untold history of the Camino Real‘s missions? Before finding the answers, Blanca still has to understand a lot.

28 readers have left their opinion on Amazon (visited on Nov. 8). They had all been fascinated by Dueñas first novel and now had read the second. They are split  in opposing halves. 14 like the novel, and the other 14 do not like it at all. The highest ranked reader review says that it seems to be written in a haste. We have to wait and see if English language readers will get a chance to judge for themselves.



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