M. Fañanás, “The stone witch”

As already commented on another occasion, there exist a host of literary prizes on the Iberian peninsula (around 50 for books written in Catalan alone). This novel has won the  Nèstor Luján for the best Historical Novel 2012.

The cover’s text reads like this:

“Some had heard that she cured the sick, others that in reality she was a witch who bothered the Christians, but they all coinsided in pointing out that this woman had a special gift that left noboby indifferent.”

Pere Freixenet manages to get access to the most secret archives of the cathedral in Girona where he finds the history of Guisla Recasens, the legendary Witch of the Cathedral, immortalized in one of the gargoyles.

This way he demonstrates that the popular legend has got a protagonist, and we get to know her story in a Girona where the confrontations between Christians and Jews and the Inquisition’s witch hunts were everyday’s business.

The author, Miquel Fañanás (Girona, 1948), wrote several books before, two of which (Susqueda i altres narracions [Susqueda and other stories] and La pedra màgica [The magic stone; a children’s book]) have been translated into Mandarin.


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