Elvira Lindo: a new “Manolito Four-Eyes”

Ten years after the last volume of the Manolito Four-Eyes children’s books series in Spanish (seven books between 1994 and 2002) – the English translations are more recent – the Madrid daily El País informs (in an article written by Silvia Hernando) about a new sequel, this time entitled Mejor Manolo [Better Manolo (than Manolito)], emphasizing the fact that the protagonist has grown and does not like to be named with a diminutive any longer. “[T]he latest addition to the universe of innocence, daily life, and smiles… created by the writer Elvira Lindo.”

The García Moreno family has grown by one member, Manolo has a little sister, and its economic situation has improved – despite the persistent crisis all around. Manolo lives an intensive religious experience; a fact that might lead to controversy among some adult readers deciding on curricular readings.

In her conversation with El País, Lindo explains that she likes to put everyday language into the mouths and minds of her characters.  That is one reason why her books written in Castilian are not only read by Spanish children but also by students of Spanish all over the world. And these colloquial expressions are especially challenging for the translators.

The book description for volume 1 in English on amazon.com is a good introduction to the world of Manolito Gafotas [literally: “little Manuel with enormous glasses”]. The Wikipedia has this article on Elvira Lindo. Her website (Spanish-only) is here.



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