A boom in “webcomics”

The latest edition of “el mensual de 20minutos”, the monthly supplement to the free daily newspaper 20minutos, dedicated one of its stories to the new boom in “webcomics”, graphic novels often published solely on the Internet or by auto-edition. They try to put a touch of humor into the lives of ordinary Spaniards that often find few occasions for hearty laughter, and some of them try to “illustrate” their readers about the real causes of the current crisis, as the authors see them, and to lead them into action (“there is an alternative”).

The first of the publications presented was “Caniculadas” (title referring to the summer’s hottest “dog” days), a series of comics done by a female group of authors, first during the summer of 2011, and then continued in 2012. The stories deal with typical dilemmas of young people, especially women, living in today’s Spain – and these are treated with a healthy dose of irony and humor, as you would expect from a comic. “Caniculadas” have this website and this blog, and their work, among others, was presented on the Instituto Cervantes‘ [Spanish cultural institute] online TV here.

The “15 M[ay]” movement (Spanish “Occupy”) was the theme of “Yes We Camp! Trazos para una (R)evolución”; one can browse and download the whole book here.

Another project presented in the article was El Estafador [The swindler], a weekly digital publication with more than 11,000 subscribers.

Other authors and projects mentioned are El Roto (already established in the newspaper El País), Eneko (illustrator for the daily 20 minutos itself), and  Aleix Saló as the juvenile author of Españistán.

drawing by Darío Adanti

Of the drawings that accompanied the mentioned article this blogger liked most those by Darío Adanti, founding member of the weekly magazine Mongolia, that sees itself as a necessary antidote to political correctness.

Comics have become so popular, that Spanish National Public Radio channel “Radio 3” even dedicates a Saturday afternoon show called “La hora del bocadillo” [Sandwich hour] solely to comics and illustration. The podcasts can be found here.

[This post was inspired and fed by a fantastic article written in Spanish by Alba Muñoz that can be found here; there one can download a pdf version and see all the comics used to illustrate the article.]

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