Paris Book Fair: Barcelona as guest of honor

This year’s Salon du Livre Paris (official website), held March 22-25, has two guests of honor: Romania and the city of Barcelona. The institute for Catalan language and culture Ramon Llull has this piece of news (so far in Catalan only). The following Spanish- and Catalan-writing authors were announced to be present in Paris: Sebastià Alzamora, Arnal Ballester, Jordi Bernet, Jaume Cabré, Javier Calvo, Maite Carranza, Javier Cercas, Miguel Gallardo, Alicia Giménez Bartlett, Juan Goytisolo, Mercè Ibarz, Salvador Macip, Gabriel Janer Manila, Berta Marsé, Eduardo Mendoza, Imma Monsó, Miquel de Palol, Sergi Pàmies, Marc Pastor, Rubén Pellejero, Jordi Puntí, Carme Riera, Albert Sánchez Piñol i Francesc Serés. Authors of Catalan classics to be debated in roundtable discussions, etc. will be Josep Pla, Joanot Martorell, Maria-Mercè Marçal, Mercè Rodoreda i Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. The French dailies this blogger consulted are offering no (Le Figaro) or only limited free access to their webcontent (Le Monde here).

We will present some of the mentioned authors in future posts.

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