BCN Comic Fair: the prize winners

The comic fair that took place a week ago in Barcelona (cf. last week’s post) also awarded some prizes:

the “great” one, in this case a lifetime-achievement award, was for a graphic artist called Purita (Purificación Campos, Barcelona, 1937), creator of Esther y su mundo (Patty’s world;  published 1971-1988) and Gina, among others; and more recently Las nuevas aventuras de Esther [Esther’s new adventures]. (Spanish Wikipedia article)

The prize for best comic book of 2012 by a Spanish author went to Miguelanxo Prado (A Coruña, 1958) for Ardalén. The title is the name of a mild and humid wind that breezes inland from the sea in Galicia, that takes the smell of the sea many kilometres away from the coast into the countryside, and that, according to popular belief, originates at the  coasts of America. The story wheels around young Sabela who is looking in a small Galician village for traces of her grandfather who emigrated to Cuba. (English Wikipedia article)

The prize for best comic book of 2012 by a foreign author went to Cyril Pedrosa (Poitiers, 1972) for Portugal, in which a graphic artist who undergoes a creative and love crisis rediscovers his Portuguese origins. (French Wikipedia article)

The revelation of the year artist was Oriol Hernández (Terrassa, 1983), co-author of La piel del oso [The bear’s hide]. His Spanish language blog is here.


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