Lluís-Anton Baulenas: between adventure and crime fiction

Lluís-Anton Baulenas (Barcelona, 1958) is an author of thirty works so far. His latest novel, Quan arribi el pirata i se m’emporti [When the pirate arrives and takes me away with him] is described by a favorable review as a hybrid between an adventure and a crime novel. Set in Barcelona’s Raval neighborhood (evokes to the locals: immigration, prostitution, drugs, difficult living), it is characterized as a meditation on greed and the human passions. The histories of two very different characters whose paths cross are explained in alternating chapters: one is that of a Catalan mafioso close to death, narrated in third person by an omnicient author; the other that of a man in the middle of his life after a break-up and the loss of a family member, narrated in the first person. Both reflect on concepts such as morality, power, emotions and their validity in a moment of vanishing referents. Other concepts mentioned by the reviewer are guilt, abyssal fear, limitless ambition for power, mediocrity as a crime.

Amazon.com lists For a Sack of Bones as the only novel available by Baulenas translated into English.

[All the information on the Baulena’s latest novel is taken from a review by Anna Carreras, published in “Culturas” of La Vanguardia, 15 May 2013, p. 14]


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