Discovering the important things in life under the starry sky of Ibiza

The critic Enrique Turpin entitled his recent review of Julio Llamazares’ Las lagrimas de San Lorenzo [Saint Lawrence’s tears] “Ode to the veritable things” (“Culturas”, La Vanguardia, 29 May 2013, p. 13). He points out that throughout the novel appears a rare Bob Dylan composition of the Bootleg Series: “For his age, he’s wise / He’s go his mother’s eyes/ There’s gladness in his heart / He’s young and he’s wild /My only prayer is, if I can’t be there / Lord, protect my child” (Lord protect my child, 1983). During the night in which one has the best view of meteor showers [“the night of Saint Lawrence’s tears”] a father and his son ly down under the sky of the Balearic island of Eivissa/Ibiza to contemplate this natural wonder. As the stars fall, the father remembers long gone by times and places and how he discovered Freedom there. The son starts to discover what life is about, that there is a space for forgiveness and also for repentance.

“… makes return the best Llamazares. Transparent, essential prose with a message of future.” (E. Turpin)

The Wikipedia has a few lines on Julio Llamazares (Vegamián, León, 1955) and his work. His novels, essays, etc. have not been translated into English yet.


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