Booksellers’ awards for Parcerisas and Richler

The Catalan booksellers association has awarded its annual Llibreter [bookseller] prizes for the best works published in 2012.

In the category of Catalan Literature the prize went to the poet and translator Francesc Parcerisas for La primavera a Pequín [Spring in Beijing]. The work is a collection of reflections by Parcerisas during a stay in Beijing and describes scenes of everyday Chinese culture. [Catalan Wikipedia article on author]

In the category of Other Literatures the prize went to the Canadian author Mordecai Richler (post-humously) for Barney’s Version, published originally in 1997 but only recently in Catalan, translated by Xavier Pàmies. The jury stressed its “complex structure, the topic’s originality, and a fluid prose that make it fresh.”

In the category Illustrated Album the prize went to La caputxeta vermella [The Girl in Red], an urban adaptation of the classic tale, illustrated with a lot of realism and detail by Roberto Innocenti, with a text by the late Aaron Frisch.

It’s the first time that the Llibreter ends up in two categories at the same publisher, Quaderns Crema.


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