Crime Novel Week 2013, Gijón, July 5 – 14

The official website is Spanish only.

El País newspaper is the one closely following the event. Juan Carlos Galindo wrote an article presenting the event of which we reproduce parts of the opening here:

To resist is to defeat, says the old motto, and this is what the crime novel week has done, as it returns to Gijón as every July; with a heterogeneous, ambitious and varied program full of great authors and social criticism as in other occasions. … a program that focuses on corruption and white-collar crime that are present in the part of society that claimed for itself the lost honour.

This focus was unavoidable in country [Spain!] where, to just name a few examples, the former boss of the businessmen’s association, some of the most important bankers and the ex-treasurer of the ruling [Popular Party] are either accused of serious crimes or already in jail. And if the crime novel has one virtue, it is that of confronting society’s problems, lifting sewer lids, bringing to light the moral misery. Not in vain the genre as we know it was born around the Great Depression and its disastrous social consequences. The current crisis gives the perfect frame.

“We thank Bárcenas [former PP treasurer now in jail],” says Paco Camarasa, bookseller and the event’s organizer, who on Saturday, July 6, will present the Greek author Petros Markaris, who in his novels around the police investigator Kostas Kharitos dissects all that is wrong in a country, Greece, that has become a paradigm of political and financial corruption and of the effects of the abuse of a few, a nation in full financial and social breakdown.




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