Urban sketchers: 4th int’l symposium, Barcelona, 11 – 13 July 2013

“Rediscovering the Eixample district” by Sagar

Urban Sketchers, a “collective” of 6.461 artists from 30 countries, will hold its fourth international symposium in Barcelona next week (previous venues were Portland, Lisbon and Santo Domingo). The founder of this movement, Gabriel Campanario, blogger, was born here, though since 2006 he has lived in Seattle where he edits a price winning blog on the Seattle Times, and a weekly column, Seattle Sketchers. He is the author of The Art of Urban Sketching. Drawing on Location around the World, a collection of more than 500 drawings.

Urban Sketchers is a not-for-profit movement that fosters the art of in situ drawing. The illustrator spends at least ten to twenty minutes observing her environment, appreciating a vast amount of details and nuances, and translating it into a drawing in her (paper) notebook with whatever “tool” she was able to bring along. It is a kind of journalistic reporting in its purest form. Artists have always taken drawn notes for their later studio work; in this case, the drawing is the final purpose.

Barcelona City Hall is the publisher of the Carnet de Voyage [“journey card” – drawing book] collection in which illustrators draw their neighborhood. The album Voltant per Sants [“Walking around in Sants”] by Swasky won the last international prize at the XIII Rendez-vous du carnets de voyage fair held in Clermont-Ferrand, the most important of its kind in Europe. Here you can see (and buy) all of the nine books published so far.

Another artist featured by La Vanguardia in their article on urban sketching is Sagar, blogger.


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