Barcelona: new bookstores defying the economic crisis

The regional newspage “” recently informed about two new
bookstore projects in Barcelona where four bookstores had closed

Though the general atmosphere is not very optimistic, the new stores try to become cultural meeting points, i.e. offer more than just selling books, as e.g.  public readings, books presentations and reading clubs.

One of them opening these days is called La Impossible, specializing in books in Catalan, and the owners are former employees of the Proa Espais bookstore that closed not too long ago.

Another one that has recently opened is Re-Read, a “low-cost” bookstore, that makes use of the bookshelves of the former Catalònia store that closed at the beginning of 2013 and sells 2nd hand books in a special way: the books are flawless, bought by the owner at a price of around 0,2 EUR apiece, and then sold for prices such as one book = 3 EUR, two books = 5 EUR, five books = 10 EUR… This concept seems to be very successful…


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