Life’s novel: Andrés Trapiello’s diaries

Miseria y compañia [Misery and company] is the title of the 18th volume of Andrés Trapiello’s (Manzaneda de Torío, León, 1953) published diaries (Salón de pasos perdidos [Lost steps lounge] series. According to Mauricio Bach’s review (Culturas, La Vanguardia, July 10, 2013, p. 14) Trapiello concentrates on the apparently unimportant and describes the small things in life, such as a journey to give a speech at some Cervantes Institute, a family trip to visit the Palladio villae of northern Italy, a broken leg, laments of the cultural world in general and certain of the author’s nemesis in particular, etc.  Due to his mastery of the art of narration, these small events “become marvellous chapters of life’s novel” (Bach). The reviewer compares these diaries to Éric Rohmer‘s films, a fact which makes them very attractive to this blogger.

Trapiello’s homepage (Spanish) and blog (Spanish)

Wikipedia article (Spanish)


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