Alternative book fair that hardly made the news

Last weekend took place the “Lletraferits [Bibliophile] 1st independent book fair” at Llinars del Vallès near Barcelona, and it hardly made the news. There were a few announcements before the fair but except for the Catalan regional TV channel TV3 (video), there hasn’t been any echo on the fair. The 26 independent publishers named in the program are virtually unknown to the reading public, as are their authors though they might have won (small) literary prizes or work with regional and/or digital media, e.g. Jordi Bonet-Coll, Jordi Serra, Pruden Penedès, Damià del Clot, or Lluís Solà.

The piece by TV3 stressed that only modern IT makes possible the existence of these small publishers who work with very limited budgets that hardly include any marketing, and who are said to prefer small editions of quality literature to megasellers of doubtful literary merit.

This year’s edition was announced as a test case for a more ambitious one next year.

The Catalan bookmarket is dominated by Grup62 that includes the most important labels and is itself partially owned by the “behemoth” media group Planeta (Wikipedia article). Both of these publishers include Literature and megasellers in their catalogues…


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