National novel prize for José María Merino

A host of national prizes by the Spanish ministry of culture, education and sports (sic!). In the category of “narrative” it went to José María Merino (A Coruña, 1941) for El río del Edén [Eden’s river].

According to the jury “it’s a work in which the author adopts a second, self-reflexive voice to give life to a family microcosm that revolves around a handicapped child and the crises that its appearance provokes in the life of the family. It’s a technically risky as well as achieved work that becomes ever tenser as the history progresses and whose crucial problems, such as the right to a dignified death, are perfectly exposed.” The author has been described as interested in the contraposition of what is called “the natural spaces” and our own emotional and moral condition, and if we as humans are “natural spaces”. He describes the novel as one of love, betrayal, and repentance. Not very clear, isn’t it?

Wikipedia article

Source:  Aurora Intxausti, El País

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