A prize-winning crisis thriller

This blogger does not remember why he earmarked Fernando Cámara’s Con todo el odio de nuestro corazón [With all our heart’s hatred], winner of the XVI. F. García Pavón Novel prize (a somewhat obscure prize named after a crime fiction author); probably there showed up a positive review somewhere.

The publisher’s description reads like this:

In a future that could well be tomorrow, political and economic corruption has destroyed civil society and condemned the middle class to live in suburban slums. In this desolate and cruel atmosphere, a professor who has been ruined by the crisis, an unbalanced youth, and the director of a bank’s branch office obliged to sell false investment funds to her customers, band together to take justice into their own hands. They decide to assassinate a well-known politician who also presided over one of the public banks most deeply involved in the economic crisis [readers outside of Spain, google for “Rodrigo Rato” if you are unfamiliar with the name; blogger’s note]. The writer and film director Fernando Cámara (Madrid, 1969) won unanimously the García Pavon Prize for Crime Fiction with this dystopia on a near future. A story on the deepest hatred that one can come to feel, on some persons that have nothing left to lose and choose crime to justify an empty existence bereft of any hope in the future.

All this on 256 pages, a short novel.

Sources: Rey Lear Editores, Wikipedia (Spanish)


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