Iberian authors in NYT’s 100 Notable Books ’13

On this year’s New York Times list of 100 Notable Books of 2013, this blogger found the following title written by an Iberian author:

THE INFATUATIONS. By Javier Marías. Translated by Margaret Jull Costa. (Knopf, $26.95.) Amid a proliferation of alternative perspectives, Marías’s novel explores its female narrator’s relationship with the widow and the best friend of a murdered man.

More information in his English-speaking blog.


Another title written originally in the language of Cervantes is:

THE SOUND OF THINGS FALLING. By Juan Gabriel Vásquez. Translated by Anne McLean. (Riverhead, $27.95.) This gripping Colombian novel, built on the country’s tragic history with the drug trade, meditates on love, fate and death.

NPR had this (text + audio), The Guardian this reviewThe New York Times offers a review by Dwight Garner and another by Edmund White but this blogger would exceed his free articles if he copied the links…


And a story set in the Iberian peninsula:

THE TWO HOTEL FRANCFORTS. By David Leavitt. (Bloomsbury, $25.) In Leavitt’s atmospheric novel of 1940 Lisbon, as two couples await passage to New York, the husbands embark on an affair.





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