An Iberian author by adoption: C. Nooteboom

As you might know, Cees Nooteboom (The Hague, 1933) is a Dutch author specialized in travel writing who spends a few months each summer at his house on the Balearic island of Menorca. Some of his books are dedicated to his adopted part-time patria, namely so Rode regen [red rain; Lluvia roja] and Roads to Santiago. This blogger has been impressed by Nooteboom’s culture.

His website is maintained in four languages. Richard L. Kagan wrote this review of Roads to Santiago in the NYT in 1997. offers this review of the same book. Rode regen (2007) has not been translated into English yet. In it Nooteboom describes the peculiarities of life in a country house that stands empty during the largest part of the year, its surrounding fauna and flora and his attempts at gardening (and cooking) there, his experiences with his neighbors, basic public services, etc. and he shares memories of his earliest journeys by bicycle and on foot, …



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