Sant Jordi prize 2013 to Vicenç Pagès Jordà

Last Friday, Dec. 13 (Saint Lucia’s day), the cultural organization Omnium Cultural celebrated its annual award night (“la nit de Santa Llúcia”). Its novel prize (“Sant Jordi” = St. George, Catalunya’s patron saint), endowed with 63,000 EUR went to Vicenç Pagès Jordà (Figueres, 1963) for Dies de frontera [border days].

The novel does not (only) talk about physical or state borders – it is set at the border town of La Jonquera – but mainly about the “eternal border implied by constantly living in a forced provisionality, ” as explains the author. “It talks about an important part of a whole generation, the one of today’s 30-somethings, that has given up living in a provisional precariousness for living in a definite precariousness, and that sees how this has consequences on all its human relations: with the partner, parents…”

Dies de frontera is about a couple of this generation that lives in La Jonquera and has to make decisions. “But how can you decide anything, if you don’t have anything firm? There are a lot of people in this situation; and for this reason they don’t know where they are and who get used to it.” In between, in the couple’s relationship, there is some “‘slipping’ – both in (un-) faithfulness as in their communication, and there are different epochs of ‘skating’ of one and the other.”

All together in a landscape emphasized by Pagès: “the unknow Empordà, the border one, not at all idyllic, somewhat like Tijuana, with prostitutes, strangers that come to buy tobacco, alcohol and gas, and the burnt surroundings left by a devastating fire [in July 2012, blogger’s note].”


Pagès’ website shows a 1992 book of his about literary prizes…



Cover of one of his latest novels, “The Whist players” (2009)


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