Baztán trilogy’s 2nd volume out and bestselling

After the successful debut with The Invisible Guardian, Dolores Redondo recently published the second volume of her “Baztán Trilogy”, Legado en los huesos [Legacy in the bones].

Her website summarizes it like this:

The trial against Johana Marquez´s stepfather is about to begin. A pregnant woman attends it: Amaia Salazar, the police inspector who had solved the so called basajaun crimes one year before, sowing terror in the Batzan Valley. Amaia had also gathered incriminating evidence against Jason Medina, who imitating the modus operandi of basajaun had murdered, raped and maimed Johana, the teenage daughter of his wife. Suddenly, the judge announces that the trial has to be canceled: the accused has just committed suicide in the bathroom of the courthouse. The news causes expectation and anger among attendees, and Amaia is claimed by the police: the accused has left a suicide note addressed to the Inspector, a note containing a brief and disturbing message: “Tarttalo”. With only one word, an involving plot will be uncovered that will involve the inspector to a rousing finale.

This blogger hasn’t found any “professional” review yet but the blogosphere has been very active. Here are some excerpts of a very thorough review by Advina quien lee [Guess who is reading]:

“In my opinion Legado en los huesos is not only up to its predecessor but it has been a moving, original and totally addictive reading experience of which I could not let go. The story leaves intact the freshness of the preceding story, spiced up with different subplots that generate authentic intrigue, with a different protagonist and a very special, nearly magic setting.  … As in the previous book, there is the official case and alongside a personal history of the investigator. … I find the construction of the protagonist, Amaia Salazar, very well done, whom Redondo endows with psychological complexity and a lot of nuances. She is a strong, intelligent, upright woman and a professional in her work. In her interior, the terrorized and neglected girl she once was is still alive. When we got to know her she felt frustrated for the fact of not getting pregnant, but now as she is about to give birth she will understand all the difficulties involved in being a mother. And more so as she has to divide her time between the cares for the newborn and the solving of a sinister case. In a lot of occasions we see her overwhelmed, doubting her personal capacity and at the limit of exhaustion. … Again Redondo has achieved a unique setting. It results incredibly easy to imagine the Batzán valley through the precise and juicy descriptions she offers to us. The green, humid and leafy woods,  their crystal clear creeks, the cold, the rain, offer a unique frame that makes the novel especially attractive. Above all because the author manages to transfer us there and let us see what her protagonists have before themselves. … One of the things that I liked most about The Invisible Guardian was the introduction to Basque-Navarra culture, customs and mythology. … this time she tells us about Tarttalo, a giant cyclop who lived in the mountain caves and fed itself on animals and humans. It was a very aggressive being who controlled its victims by a magic ring that responded to its voice… Dolores Redondo’s narrative style is fluent, simple, direct and clear. Although the narrative voice is that of an omniscient third person, normally it is bound by the protagonist’s perceptions and experiences, focussing almost all action in her. … Its structure of 41 not too long chapters together with a generous rhythm that does not go down in any moment and becomes quicker towards the end, make of this novel one that reads easily. Its end results startling. To sum up: Legado en los huesos has been a fascinating read that traps from the first to the last page. Disturbing, addictive, dark, with a lot of intrigue, overwhelming emotions, an insurmountable environment and a very special atmosphere.”

[Harper Collins offers this description of The Invisible Guardian, the trilogy’s preceding novel already translated into English.]


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