Two female “others” in one week

The Catalan “l’altra” means “the other [female]”. This week, two of these “others” have made the news.

The first one is a new publishing house called L’Altra (owl=logo), started by the veteran publisher Eugènia Broggi who left Empúries (Grup 62) for this project. The idea is to publish twelve to fifteen carefully prepared titles in Catalan every year, with initial print runs of 1,500 to 1,800 copies, and the possibility of further editions. The first titles to be published on February 12 will be Toni Sala’s Els nois [The boys/guys] and James Salter’s Last Night. The forecast for March is Daniel Galera’s Barba xopa de sang [Blood soaked beard], and for May, Lionel Shriver’s Big Brother. The publishing house also awards the Premi Documenta that recognizes young creators aged 35 or below.

(Website under construction, Twitter account here]

Source: La Vanguardia

The second “other” is the second novel by Marta Rojals (La Palma d’Ebre, 1975) called L’altra. The story is about Anna, a graphic designer in her thirties who lives with a guy called Nel in Barcelona, where she rides around on a bicycle and where her life changes after she accepts a job. Among the topics that appear in the novel are relationships, the passing of time, life changes, maternity – with a special attention to the way people talk in Barcelona. Sex and death are also present in the work, and the promise is of more than one surprise. In contrast to her first novel, Primavera, estiu, etc. [Spring, summer, etc.], this time the end is said to be clear and not open to speculations.


This blogger has been impressed by Rojals’ first novel and is looking forward to reading the second.





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