New Saramago novel to be published

A previously unpublished novel by the Portuguese writer José Saramago (1922-2010, Wikipedia) has been announced for sometime before the summer, probably for the Lisbon book fair. The book called Alabardas, alabardas, espingardas, espingardas [Halberds, halberds, rifles, rifles] – there has been given no information as to its subject matter yet – will be one of the first of Saramago’s to be published by Porto Editora. In the past, Saramago was published by Editorial Caminho (LeYa group), but the heirs – his daughter Violante Saramago de Matos and his widow Pilar del Río – and the Saramago Foundation recently decided to end the 30 year relationship in favour of Porto Editora.  In a joint statement they praised the decision by the Fundação Círculo de Leitores [Reader’s Circle Foundation, part of Porto Editora] to establish the José Saramago literary award for young writers in Portuguese, and they remembered that the decision by the foundation to publish Saramago’s Journey to Portugal in 1981 [cover pictured above] enabled the writer to devote himself full-time to writing.

Source: Diario de Notícias Jan. 29, 2014


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