Snippet: 18th century recipes to be published

The so far oldest known cookbook written by a Spanish female writer is to be published by Editorial Visor. María Rosa Calvillo de Teruel wrote Libro de apuntaciones de guisos y dulces [Notebook of meals and sweets] around 1740 in Sevilla, Andalucia. The experts think that she was the cook of a well-off family in that area. The recipes bear names such as “Cómo guisa los pájaros la tía Filipa” [How aunt Filipa stews birds], “Modo de hacer la salchicha como doña Joaquina” [How to make sausages like Doña Joaquina], “Cómo se hacen las tortas de Morón” [How to make Morón cakes], and there are few containing vegetables or fish. The manuscript has an interesting history of its own described by Flor Gragera de León in her article.

Source: El País


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