“Cafè Barcelona” – a Dutch-Catalan experience

The publisher’s promo reads like this:

The “Cafè Barcelona” is in the centre of Amsterdam and at the heart of this story. Greetje, the cafè’s owner, has reorganized her life alongside Roos after her husband’s death. Arjen, Greetje’s son, comes home from a mission in Srebrenica with the Dutch U.N. “blue helmets”; and a little while later, Annabel, Roos’ daughter, feels led to take a trip around the world. Close or far away, all four of them are present in the cafè’s daily life, where the cooks change frequently and the faithful customers come to eat lunch or have a beer. But life’s ties always hide some secrets.  With this splendid novel, Joan Carreras proposes a passionate reading experience, full of shared joys and tragedies, of family presences and absences, of mysteries that maybe don’t seem to be such, and of authentic humanity.

Joan Carreras (Barcelona, 1962), Cafè Barcelona, 288 pages, 19,- EUR.

Ciutat de Barcelona [City of Barcelona] prize 2013 (best Catalan novel)

author’s homepage (Catalan only)

Source: Grup 62


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