“Apaches” – not highbrow but liked by the critics

Miguel Sáez Carral (Madrid, 1968, TV scriptwriter): Apaches, 640 pages

An approximation to the publisher’s promotion:

This novel includes events that nobody would like to experience, but they are based on real facts. Reading it is hypnotical. Of excellent making, an incredible story. Miguel’s family suffers an unexpected setback: after the mother’s death, the father loses control of his life and gets cheated by his business partners. In his effort to save the family economy, he becomes so indebted that all members are brought to the limit; they lose their house, their paychecks are seized, and going to prison becomes are very real perspective. In his desperation Miguel decides to save his family, risking his own life in the manner he was taught by his father. Accompanied by his friend Sastre he returns to the neighborhood where he grew up and dives into a spiral of thefts, assaults and murders. When everything is moving, there appears Carol, the neighborhood’s boss’ lover; and Miguel falls in love with her and risks everything for which he fought.

Source: Planeta




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