Renewed existence for a literary magazine

“Transfer high cultural opinion to a well-educated reading public with interests beyond their special field”. Since 1996 this has been the aim of Revista de Libros [Book Magazine, website, Spanish only] -before on paper and now online… the digital publication promises a profound rebirth to its readers.

This is how [the responsible managers] presented the renewed existence of a publication that had among its staff writers such as Félix de Azúa, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, César Antonio Molina, and Clara Eugenia Núñez.

Beyond a new design, the magazine bets on being “true to the spirit that saw it being born 18 years ago.” … it means a strengthened bet on “a restful and profound analysis of the most important books in the cultural present, in a digital environment,” according to an official press release. The same document promised rigor, “guaranteed by the authors’ quality,” independence, and “clarity, … by an editorial control so far unheard of in the Spanish sphere”.

From History to Philosophy, from Literature to Math, Music and Science, the publication wants to address all kinds of topics, through the writing of “the most distinguished specialists in each topics, Spanish as well as foreign.” To do this, it foresees to publish four essays and twelve literary reviews per month. And also theatre, music and exhibition reviews.

Source: El País, March 12, 2014


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