International Book Day – Shakespeare Day

The sun is shining again in Catalonia on book and rose buyers to celebrate their patron saint Jordi (George). They will be largely unaware of Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary (cf. The Guardian for it’s coverage around Shakespeare Day) but might pick up a book of another of the great writers of all times. Due to his recent death, book sellers have noted an increased interest in novels written by Gabriel García Márquez (“Gabo“, 1927-2014). Last year’s Saint George’s saw a heated debate on so-called “mediatic” writers (TV presenters, actors, models, etc.) and if their book sales should be counted on the same list as those of “literary” writers – if this blogger is informed correctly, this year there will be no official lists at all… this year’s likely best-sellers are the latest works of Jonas Jonasson, Almudena Grandes, and Marta Rojals.

P.S.: In non-fiction, the sales centered around books on the year 1714 (fall of Barcelona, beginning of Bourbon Spanish dominance over Catalonia) and those discussing the advantages or disadvantages of Catalan independence.

P.P.S.: More information on Sant Jordi celebrations in Brooklyn and other places from Vilaweb here.

102_2205 cartell st jordi


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