Snippet: Tordo’s “Lovers’ involuntary biography”

Published around two weeks ago, Joao Tordo’s Biografia involuntária dos amantes [Lovers’ involuntary biography] is a fictional exercize and reflection on the weirdness caused by “the other”. A car accident involving the death of a wild boar leads to a very personal conversation between two fellow travelers (no double meaning intended here), a poet called Saldaña Paris and the narrator. The narrator gets to know the bitterness of the poet and his (?) relationship to a somewhat mysterious lover called Teresa. To understand and “save” him, the narrator has to leave his own “comfort zone” and question himself to understand the other’s suffering. Narrated in a more complex manner than Tordo’s previous novels, this one appears to make for a more difficult, but according to Mário Rufino worthwhile reading experience. [There might be errors due this this blogger’s limited knowledge of Portuguese…]

Source: P3, Público, April 14, 2014


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