Snippet: Gabriel García Márquez and Barcelona

Finally and posthumously, the city of Barcelona will honor the Colombian writer who lived there for seven years: probably the name of Gabriel García Márquez will be added to the name of an existing public library (up to now named only after the district where it is – there are new libraries under construction but they already have their names fixed…).

Carles Geli has written a fine article in El País on Gabo’s stay in Barcelona thatbegan on November 4, 1967 and lasted for seven years. The writer came accompanied by his wife and two small children. They started off in the humble Gràcia district, with little money as One Hundred Years of Solitude had not become a worldwide best-seller yet. But this changed quickly, the family moved to the posh Sarrià district, and the kids went to the private Kensington School and befriended the offspring of Mario Vargas Llosa who also lived there. García Márquez worked hard, clothed in a mechanic’s overall, and studied the Franco regime’s dawn for the following novel, The Autumn of the Patriarch (1975). Geli describes the important role of García Márquez’ agent, Carmen Balcells, and the writers life as part of Barcelona’s gauche divine of that time.

El País offers a wide selection of articles on the deceased author.


Sources: El País, April 18, 2014; La Vanguardia (includes video), April 28, 2014

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