Snippet: Formentor Prize 2014 to Vila-Matas

The Formentor Prize 2014 (Wikipedia article), a lifetime achievement award, will go to Enrique Vila-Matas (Barcelona, 1948, Wikipedia article).

The jury argued that Vila-Matas “with his prolific narrative work has denied the supposed decadence of a genre that still appears as the most efficient narration of the contemporary conscience. The narrative procedures invented by the Catalan author have meant an energetic contribution to the vigor of Spanish literature and has been recognized in Europe and the United States as one of the most significant literary creations of our country.” The jury also marked the way in which Vila-Matas has addressed “conflictive and distressing matters of our times with a literary skill that has made of wit, humor and a playful spirit a heartwarming viewpoint.”

According to his homepage [Spanish], at least ten of Vila-Matas’ works have been translated into English.

Source: El País, April 28, 2014




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