Santiago Roncagliolo’s “La pena máxima”

The writer Santiago Roncagliolo (Lima, 1975) currently lives in Barcelona. His latest novel, La pena máxima [The penalty (soccer)/The maximum punishment] is described as follows:

Félix Chacaltana is apparently a grey character, but he takes to heart his job as assistant archivist at the ancient Palacio de Justicia [courthouse] in Lima. His passion for the observance of the law and the respect for procedures is only overshadowed by a sexual bashfulness that begins to worry his girlfriend, Cecilia. And so time passes until one day in 1978, coinciding with the Soccer World Cup in Argentina, his life suddenly changes: corpses, disappearances, lovers, armed gangs, intelligence agencies… in a Peru that, though governed by a dictator, prepares democratic elections that are to give rise to a new legality. The country is paralized every time that the national soccer team plays -a dream team that includes Cholo Sotil, an FC Barcelona scorer- and the key matches coincide with the peak moments of the plot. 

The Wikipedia in English has got this short and slightly dated article on this quite prolific author. lists these titles as available in English:

Red April (2010, English version)

Hi, This Is Conchita: And Other Stories (2013, English version)


Source: La Vanguardia May 20, 2014


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