Snippet: Almudena Grandes’ “Manolita’s Three Weddings”

The novel [Manolita’s Three Weddings] by Almudena Grandes (Madrid, 1960) has been the number one of the Spanish bestselling book lists for the past weeks. While researching for this post, your blogger discovered a “gold mine” as to novel summaries in English: the foreign rights pages of Grandes’ publisher Tusquets Editores. They have an alphabetical list of their authors, and one can read the summaries of their novels and see for which languages the rights have been sold or are still available.

The summary of the plot can be found here, as well as more information on the author; there is also a Wikipedia article stub.

Other novels by Grandes already available in English are: The Frozen Heart, The Wind from the East: A Novel,  and The Ages of Lulu.

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