Snippet: Lifetime Achievement Award to Maria Teresa Horta

The poet, writer and journalist Maria Teresa Horta (Lisbon, 1937) has been awarded with the Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores’  [SPA, Portuguese Authors’ Association] Prémio de Consagração de Carreira [Career Consecration Award] this week. According to the Wikipedia [English stub here], Horta is the author of 27 works of poetry, the latest one entitled Poemas para Leonor [Poems for Leonor, 2012] and eight novels, the last one As Luzes de Leonor [Leonor’s lights, 2011]. The jury praised the “quality, extension and representativeness” of Horta’s work. The author, who lived nearly half her life under a dictatorship, has characterized herself as a fighter for liberty, women’s rights and human rights in general.

Guernica magazine recently published an interview. lists as only title available in English the 1970s, co-authored work The Three Marias – New Portuguese Letters.

Source: Diário de Notícias May 22, 2014


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