Camões Prize to Alberto da Costa e Silva

The Brazilian (former) diplomat, poet and historian Alberto da Costa e Silva (São Paulo, 1931) is the 2014 Camões Prize winner, the most important literary prize for the Portuguese language (Wikipedia).

According to the jury president, da Costa e Silva maintains the “same elevated literary quality in all the genres that he practises” [poetry, memory, essay, history] and thus has created “a work marked by transversality”. In addition, “Alberto da Costa e Silva’s work is also a notable contribution to the building of bridges between Portuguese speaking countries and people”.

Da Costa e Silva has been described as a “pioneer” in the study of Africa and its links to the Atlantic and Brazil, and of slavery and the African cultural context. As representative for these studies are cited the works A Manilha e o Libambo: a África e a Escravidão, de 1500 a 1700 [The shackle and the libambo: Africa and slavery, from 1500 to 1700; 2002] and A Enxada e a Lança: a África antes dos Portugueses [The hoe and the spear: Africa before the Portuguese; 1992].

Da Costa e Silva’s latest work is Imagens de África [Images of Africa, 2012]. His books have not been translated into English.

Source: Público May 30, 2014


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