Snippet: José Eduardo Agualusa’s “Queen Ginga”

The novel A Rainha Ginga [Queen Ginga, and how Africans invented the world] by José Eduardo Agualusa (Huambo, Angola, 1960) was presented on June 6 in Lisbon. The publisher’s summary reads like this: “… A Rainha Ginga narrates the fantastic life of Dame Ana de Sousa, Queen Ginga (1583-1663), whose real title in the quimbundo language, “Ngola”, gave rise to the Portuguese name for this region of Africa. It is a story of a relationship of love and permanent fighting between Angola and Portugal, explained by a priest from Pernambuco [Brazil] who crossed the sea and remembers fantastic and forgotten character of our history – having as a central element Queen Ginga and her cultural, religious, ethnic and sexual significance for today’s world.”

The author’s English homepage has more biographical  and bibliographical information and states that his works have been translated into 25 languages. lists Rainy Season, Creole, My Father’s Wives and The Book of Chameleons as available in English.

Sources: Quetzal Editores, Diário de Notícias June 6, 2014


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