Debut novel “The long night” by Javier Mije

Recently published, the novel La larga noche [The long night] by Javier Mije (Sevilla, 1969) has received positive reviews, such as the one by J. Ernesto Mayala-Dip in El País.

The publisher’s promotional excerpt reads like this:

“He had received the handwritten note by Almeida at his producer’s headquarters in Barcelona. It looked like the page of a school notebook, as if it had been ripped off from the note pages of an agenda, in a large and disordered handwriting that didn’t heed to the paper’s pattern. A sinoptic plot and the movie’s title: La larga noche. He didn’t have many further instructions for a script whose first draft had to be finished within 16 weeks. […] Though Almeida’s note didn’t refer explicitly to any historical episode, he remembered vaguely that “La larga noche” was the name given to the resistance movement in Madrid during the Civil War.”

Thus, one could think it was a novel on the Spanish Civil War, but according to its author, it is not. “There are two love stories; one in the form of a lost paradise to which a character aims to return in a crucial moment of his life, and another relationship that suffers from the wear and tear of time, but also from treachery and deceit.” […] Literature “has specialized in putting the magnifying glass on couple relationships.”

Javier Mije studied literary theory and comparative literature. He published the story collections El camino de la oruga [The caterpillar’s path] in 2003 and El fabuloso mundo de nada [The fabulous world of nothing] in 2010.

SOURCES: Acantilado (publisher); La Vanguardia, June 8, 2014


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