Snippet: Jaume Vallcorba, Independent Publisher, Dies at 64

Jaume Vallcorba Plana (Tarragona, 1949 – Barcelona, 2014; Wikipedia) was the founder of the publishing houses Quaderns Crema (1979, website) and Acantilado (1999, website), apparently still independent of the big publishing groups that dominate the Catalan (Grup62 – Planeta), Spanish and worldwide markets (Planeta, Penguin Random House).  He held a PhD from the Universitat de Barcelona; he taught there as well as in an MA program on publishing of Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Vallcorba is seen as the discoverer of many of the most important contemporary Catalan authors, such as Quim Monzó and Sergi Pàmies. Through his publishing houses, he enabled Catalans and Spaniards to read many European classics as well as contemporary authors from Central and Eastern Europe. The books were not only of intellectual quality but also artisanally as the publisher insisted on the use of high quality materials for a durable product; examples of can be seen in a video accompanying a 2010 exhibition on the Quaderns Crema style. Vallcorba died from a brain tumor.

Poetry by Vallcorba, “Waves & Stars”, cover image taken from:


Exhibition held in 2010 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Q.C.

Source: La Vanguardia, August 24, 2014; 

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