Third installment of Baztán trilogy to be published Nov. 25, 2014


Dolores Redondo, Ofrenda a la tormenta [Offering to the storm]

This is an approximate translation of the publisher’s information:

A woman denounces that the sudden death of her granddaughter, officially a case of sudden infant death syndrome, looks suspicious to her due to the strange behavior of the child’s father, who has been detained when he tried to steal the corpse and murmured unconnected words about surrendering his own daughter. The baby girl’s face shows some red marks that indicate that there was pressure applied to it and it seems clear that she was murdered. The grandmother talks about a magic creature of the zone, an evil being that causes the nightmares that paralyze the sleeping person and prevent them from awakening. It is the “inguma”, the being that snatches the life during sleep. The investigation of this case will take Amaia and her team to discover some irregularities in similar cases that happened in the valley in the past, too many cases for a relatively small area. And then, after being transferred by order of the judge Marquina, the assassin Berasategui is found dead in his cell, after a coma induced by a drug that someone must have given him. Thrilling and chilling, the plot accelerates to a surprising ending, in which Amaia has to face the authentic origin of the events that have devastated the Baztán valley. And meanwhile an impressive blizzard seems to want to bury a devastating truth.

SOURCE: Planeta


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