Snippet: new study on the Portuguese bookmarket

title: Comércio Livreiro em Portugal – Estado da Arte na segunda década do século XXI [Book trade in Portugal – State of the art in the second decade of the 21st century]

author: José Soares das Neves et al., Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia do ISCTE [ISCTE’s Center for Research and Studies in Sociology]

client: Associação Portuguesa de Editores e Livreiros (APEL) [Portuguese Association of Publishers and Booksellers]

findings: 2004: 694 bookstores with a revenue of 140.1 M EUR; 2012: 562 stores – 126.2 M EUR in revenues; the publishing industry peaked in 2008 with revenues of 404 M EUR – 2012: 356 M EUR. Fewer publishing houses. Fewer titles published until 2012, though this trend appears to have stopped. The independent bookstores complain about unfair competition by large chains such as FNAC and Betrand, though sales by “multi-entertainment stores”, hypermarkets, etc. have also gone down, peak 2009: 229 M EUR, 2012: 202 M EUR. There is a problem of piracy – still done with photocopiers. There are no easy and quick solutions. The booksellers would like to see a “level playing field” for all and clear laws on the sale of books, more coordination between those involved, and a higher appreciation for culture in general within the Portuguese society.

SOURCE: Público, Sept. 16, 2014


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