Snippets: Spanish fiction for the fall of 2014

This blogger googled for news articles on the novelties to be published on the Spanish bookmarket in the fall of 2014; a lot of the works mentioned at the Sources are works by American authors translated into Spanish – shown here, with one exception, are only works originally written in Spanish; it is not exhaustive. The order is chronologically by their publishing dates; some of the original author’s comments, the literary blogger José Luis Ibáñez, are fully translated, others have been shortened:

August 27: Javier Sierra (Teruel, 1971, homepage), La pirámide inmortal [The immortal pyramid]. Starring the young Napoleon who during the Egyptian campaign, stumbles upon a pyramid that hides a life-changing secret.

September 2: Marta Fernández (Madrid, 1973, a TV newscaster), Te regalaré el mundo [I will give you the world]. Brings together the lives of an 18th century watchmaker and a 21st century journalist through a strange book. Ibáñez calls it “surprising”.

September 23: Javier Marías (Madrid, 1951, Wikipedia), Así empieza lo malo [This is how the bad begins]. After The infatuations, Marías reflects again on human and couple relationships; desire, grudge and forgiveness are three fundamental elements of an unhappy lovestory…

September 25: Gioconda Belli (Managua, Nicaragua, 1948), El intenso calor de la luna [The moon’s intensive heat]. A mature woman rediscovers sex, passion and her joie de vivre after renouncing them in favor of her kids that have left home and a husband she doesn’t feel close to any longer.

October 1: the exception: José Saramago’s (1922-2010, Wikipedia) posthumous Alabardas [Halberds], an unfinished reflection on the weapons’ industry and trade, with complementary texts by Roberto Saviano and Fernando Gómez Aguilera and illustrations by Günter Grass.

October 2: Antonio Gómez Rufo (Madrid, 1954, Wikipedia), La camarera de Bach [Bach’s chambermaid]. Centered around Madeleine, a young woman who become’s Johann Sebastian Bach’s chambermaid during the latter’s last years of life.

October 16: Félix J. Palma (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 1968, Wikipedia), El mapa del caos [Chaos’ map]. Third part of a trilogy, an hommage to the Victorian crime literature. An adventure full of mysteries, impossible loves, action, true fantasmas and false mediums.

October: Joan Cañete (Barcelona, 1973), Eugenio García Gascón (Barcelona, 1957), two journalists specialized in the Middle East, Expediente Bagdad [Bagdad File]. A crime novel situated in Iraq during the Second Gulf War. A Bagdad policeman investigates a girl’s assassination while the hell of war breaks out around him.

November 19: Arturo Pérez-Reverte (Cartagena, 1951, Wikipedia), working title: Vida de perros (Dogs’ life). Reflections on the relationship of (wo-)man and dog, illustrated by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau (Barcelona, 1964, Wikipedia).

November 20: Juan Marsé (Barcelona, 1933, Wikipedia), Noticias felices en aviones de papel [Happy news in paper planes]. Marsé’s 14th novel, an album illustrated by María Hergueta (Valencia, 1984, homepage). Situated in Barcelona in the 1980s, the main character is an adolescent who visits a Polish neighbor with a tremendous history on her shoulders.

November: Estela Chocarro (Pamplona, 1973), El próximo funeral será el tuyo [The next funeral will be yours]. Set in a small village of Navarre, mystery, art and folk legends bring together a Gala-Dalí museum employee’s present and the years immediately after the Spanish Civil War.

Blogger’s comment: Looks like a lot of commercial “straw” and the occasional piece of literature worth reading…

SOURCES:, July 30 (i) and August 6 (ii), 2014


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