Snippets: Portuguese fiction for the fall of 2014

It has not been easy to find the information given below, and then there are paywalls

José Saramago (1922-2010, Wikipedia), Alabardas, alabardas, Espingardas, espingardas [Halberds, halberds, rifle, rifle], posthumous work on the weapons’ industry and trade. To be published simultaneously in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

António Lobo Antunes (Lisbon, 1942, Wikipedia), Caminho como numa casa em chamas [I walk like a house on fire]. This book has been announced since January for publication in October but there is no detailed information yet…

Lídia Jorge (Unhos, Loures, 1946, Wikipedia), O Organista/The organist, a fable on the creation of the world, the relation between God, (Wo)Man and the Universe.

José Luís Peixoto (Galveias, Portalegre, 1974, homepage, Wikipedia), Galveias [author’s birthplace].

Ana Teresa Pereira (Funchal, Madeira, 1958), As velas da noite [Candles at night], a collection of six short stories and one play, “Harbinger”.

Gonçalo M. Tavares (Luanda, Angola, 1970, agent’s page), Uma menina está perdida no seu século à procura do pai [A girl is lost in her century in search of the father], described by the publisher as “a profound reflection on the 20th century”.

Ana Casaca (Lisboa, 1975), Viagem ao Fim do Coração [Journey to the heart’s end], “a story that covers and recreates a wonderful world of fathers and mothers, sons and brothers, hatreds and loves. It reveals the nightmare of a disease like cancer, but doesn’t surrender what is human and essential, the dream.” (publisher’s promo)

Sérgio Godinho (Porto, 1945, singer-songwriter, Wikipedia), VidaDupla [DoubleLife], a short-story collection.

José Rodrigues dos Santos (Beira, Mozambique, 1964, Wikipedia), A chave de Salomão [Solomon’s Key], sounds like Dan Brown, no further comment…

valter hugo mãe (Henrique de Carvalho, Angola, 1971, Wikipedia), O paraíso são os outros [Paradise is other people], first title of a new series of children’s books.

Álvaro Magalhães (Porto, 1951), O Estranhão [The really weird (?)], a children’s book with illustrations by Carlos J. Campos (Rio de Janeiro, 1959).

António Ramos Rosa (1924-2013), Poesia Presente – Antologia [Present poetry – Anthology], prepared by the poet’s daughter, with a preface by José Tolentino Mendonça (Machico, 1965, priest and poet).

(non-fiction:) Mário de Carvalho (Lisbon, 1944), Quem disser o contrário é porque tem razão [Anyone who says the contrary, is, because he/she is right (?)], a practical guide to fiction writing.

Blogger’s comment: Quite a few authors that might make for interesting reading…

SOURCES: Espalha Factos, Observador, both Sept. 6, 2014; Diário de Notícias, Sept. 14, 2014; Porta Editora, Sept. 22, 2014


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