Snippet: Ñam, international comic and graphic novel festival

It was held for the first time in Palencia (Castilla y León; Wikipedia) between Sept. 30 and Oct. 5, 2014, funded by different local and regional governments. “International” refers to the invited authors, among them Scott McCloud, Matt Madden, Chloé Cruchaudet (Lyon, 1976), David Aja (Valladolid, 1977; Wikipedia), David Rubín (Ourense, 1977; blog), Jorge González (Buenos Aires, 1970; blog), Juan Berrio (Valladolid, 1964; blog) or José Jajaja (Campo de Criptana, 1984; website); the festival’s webpage is Spanish only. The main events were held at the cultural center housed in a former prison. Two exhibitions accompanied these: one on Juan Berrio’s project Cuaderno de frases encontrados ([Notebook of encountered phrases], blog); the other on Oxfam‘s graphic novels on development aid (cf. this snippet).

Centro Cultural Antigua Cárcel (c) Ñam

This was a welcome contrast to a recent piece of news that talked about the disappearance of the Asturias Salón del Cómic after 37 editions. With it disappeared the Haxtur awards and the journal El Wendigo (homepage).

SOURCE: El País, Oct. 5, 2014


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