Snippets: Frankfurt Book Fair, Finland, Lenz, Seiler, Köhler, unreadable books

Finnish pavilion: Kids’ island (c) Frank Röth, FAZ

With the excuse of the annual Frankfurt Book Fair (8-12 October, 2014; official website) let’s digress a little bit from strictly Iberian stuff…

This year’s guest of honor is Finland, so there will be a variety of Finnish authors in Frankfurt, among them Sofi Oksanen (Jyväskylä, 1977, Wikipedia); scan this article for others.

News on the book fair can be found on the dedicated pages of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ, very thorough, alas in German, but no paywall), Deutsche Welle (DW, in English), Publishers Weekly, and in a mobile photo diary by Karen Köhler (Hamburg, 1974, author of the “surprising bestseller” Wir haben Raketen geangelt [We went rocket fishing], a short-story collection) for Die Zeit.

Just before the opening of the book fair we learned about the death of the German author Siegfried Lenz (1926-2014; Wikipedia, DW); and that Lutz Seiler (Gera, 1963) has won this year’s German Book Prize for his debut novel Kruso (DW). Die Zeit likes the jury’s election (article in German), the FAZ does not (article in German), and thinks that the choice of an East German author with a story set in 1989 had more to do with this year’s 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall than with the novel’s quality…

There also were announced the winners of the EU Prize for Literature to emerging authors, awarded for the first time – no Iberian authors among them (DW).

Browsing for news on the fair, we found this entertaining list of unfinishable novels…


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