Snippet: Salamandra and others publish also in Catalan

According to Carles Geli, the Spanish publisher Ediciones Salamandra recently decided to publish its titles also in Catalan. Up to now, Salamandra published only in Spanish, and sometimes helped authors to find a publisher for the Catalan version of their works. One of the reasons given for this decision is that the bookmarket in Catalan, during the recent (financial and publishing) crisis, has proved to be more stable than the one for Spanish books. Salamandra forecasts a small number of Catalan titles each year, and it will only publish Catalan versions of (international) books already published in Spanish, i.e. it will not become a publisher for Catalan authors as such. Geli remarks that Salamandra is following a trend that can be observed with other publishers, too, such as Anagrama (a big publisher), Minúscula, Libros del Asteroide and Blackie Books, a number of them headquartered in the Catalan capital Barcelona anyway…

SOURCE: El País, Oct. 12, 2014


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