Snippet: Kiko Amat, a Spanish “pop-author”?

According to the somewhat dated Spanish Wikipedia article, the journalist, writer and DJ Kiko Amat (Sant Boi de Llobregat, 1971) has been considered a pop author by the critics. This blogger hasn’t read any of his books yet but liked his weekly columns in La Vanguardia‘s culture supplement “Culturas” during the summer of 2014. The covers of his books are definitely different from those of conventional novels…

The following description of his latest novel, Eres el mejor, Cienfuegos [You are the best, Cienfuegos (“100 fires”)] has been taken from his wordpress blog.

Cienfuegos was called for greatness, but greatness passed by. It’s November 2011 in Barcelona, and while the country is sinking into a crisis without precedent and The Rage occupies Catalunya square, Cienfuegos has got another crisis to attend to: his own. His wife, Eloísa, has just thrown him out and has a new boyfriend. His three year old son, Curtis, is in maternal custody, and Cienfuegos prowls beneath the former family balcony every night at 3 a.m. His best male friend, Eugenio Cuchillo, he doesn’t even like him, and his best female friend, Juana Bayo, doesn’t stop recriminating his lack of political involvement. The personnel reductions are getting more and more frequent at the offices of La Nación, the newspaper where he works, and he feels so sad that he can’t dance any longer. Everything seems to get better when he gets to know Defensa Interior, an industrial music duo made of the eccentrics Defensa [Defense] and Riesgo [Risk]. But it will not be that easy, and Cienfuegos will see quickly that the road to redemption is uphill. At the same time funny and hilarious as moving and unpredictable, Eres el mejor, Cienfuegos is a tragicomedy on the crisis of the 40s, sorrow, guilt, paternity and the possibility of pardon, constructed with a sad humour and an instoppable rhythm, and additionally an emotive moral fable drawn in the landscape of the 15M[May] movement [Spanish “occupy”].

SOURCE: Kiko Amat @wordpress


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