Snippet: Ramiro Pinilla, Writer, Dies at 91

A Spanish writer from the Basque Country, Ramiro Pinilla (1923 – 2014), he started writing in the 1950s, published first under a pseudonym. He became known to a broader public from 2004 onwards with the publication of his Verdes valles, colinas rojas [Green valleys, red hills] trilogy: La tierra convulsa [The convulsive earth; 2004], Los cuerpos desnudos [The naked bodies; 2005] and Las cenizas del hierro [The iron’s ashes; 2005]. It took him nearly 20 years to complete this work of nearly 3,000 pages. Among Pinilla’s last works are three crime novels set in Getxo, where the writer lived.

“Pinilla got into crime fiction with the creation of Sancho Bordaberri, a book lover, a failed writer, happy with the work in the bookstore he owns, poisoned by his madness for the classics of crime fiction, restless seeker of justice. He transforms himself into the detective Samuel Esparta when he puts on the gabardine and a hat that his uncle brought for him from America. The last published book Cadáveres en la playa [Corpses on the beach; 2014] is the most intriguing case of an already aged Samuel Esparta who keeps against all odds his peculiar bookstore in Getxo and receives in the 1970s the visit of a lady, Juana Ezquiaga, who wants to hire him to clarify the disappearance, a long time ago, of him who was the love of her youth.” (Aurora Intxausti, El País)

More information on the author and his complete work on Tusquets’ foreign rights page.

SOURCE: El País, Oct. 23, 2014


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