Snippet: illustrators’ meeting in São João da Madeira

It ended Oct. 26, 2014, the 7.º Encontro Internacional de Ilustração de São João da Madeira [7th international illustration meeting of São João da Madeira (a town near Porto)]. This year’s guiding topic was “packaging”, and judging from the images on their facebook, they had a number of interesting workshops (for children, teachers, senior citizens), factory visits, etc. going on there. For the first time there was a prize competition, won by Spanish illustrator and high school teacher Raúl Nieto Guridi (Sevilla, 1970, blog). The participants came from different countries, among them Marta Monteiro (website), Chris Haughton (website), Eduardo Salavisa (urban sketcher, blog), André da Loba (website), Philippe Ug (website), Cintia Martín (blog), Catarina Gomes (website). Also for the first time a postcard collection was created by Susana Nobre (blog) and Dino Vázquez (facebook), and a 2015 calendar with works created during the week.

SOURCE: Público, Oct. 24, 2014


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