Snippet: Namora prize to Bruno Vieira Amaral

Bruno Vieira Amaral (1978; Portuguese blog) won this year’s Fernando Namora prize, endowed with 15,000 EUR, for the novel As Primeiras Coisas [First things], a novel that had already won the Portuguese PEN’s and the Portuguese Time Out‘s 2013 novel prizes.

The publisher’s summary:

Who killed Joãozinho Treme-Treme on the ground near the water tank? What happened to the virginal Vera, missing from her parental home two months before turning sixteen? Who was the man who, like the old Abel, found peace beneath the peaceful skies of Port of Spain? Why do the inhabitants of the Amelia neighborhood never forget Carnival 1989? Who can know the name of the three children killed by asphyxiation within an ark? Where would come Beto with his wonderful left foot if it were not for that fateful night of September? How long will last the jinx of Laura? Of what world come the shadows of Ernesto, fabulous waiter, Fernando T., murdered on December 26, 1999, Jaime Lopes, SG Ventil smoker, Hortense, who lived and died in fear of everything? When will Roberto, exterminating angel, come to the neighborhood to consummate his revenge?
Memories, scams, betrayals, murders, sermons by evangelical pastors, football chronicles, gastronomy, an inventory of sounds, a bus trip, Sunday mornings, meteorology, the Apocalypse, the Great Painting 1990, hell, blacks, gypsies, white tents, returnees: all humanity burns in the Amelia neighborhood.

Shortlisted were also Afonso Cruz (Figueira da Foz, 1971; Wikipedia), Para onde vão os guarda-chuvas [Where the umbrellas go]; Ana Margarida de Carvalho (lawyer, journalist, writer from Lisbon), Que importa a fúria do mar [What the fury of the sea matters]; Ana Cristina Silva (Vila Franca de Xira, 1964; psychologist, writer), A segunda morte de Anna Karénina [The second death of Anna Karénina]; Luís Cardoso (East Timor, 1959; Wikipedia), O ano em que Pigafetta completou a circum-navegação [The year that Pigafetta completed the circumnavigation]; and Nuno Júdice (Mexilhoeira Grande, 1949; Wikipedia) with A Implosão [The Implosion].

SOURCE: Diário de Notícias, Nov. 9, 2014; Quetzal (publisher)


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