Snippet: social networks for new writers

Miqui Otero informed in El País that Penguin Random House (Spain) has redesigned its network Me gusta escribir [“I like writing”; link; starting Nov. 25, 2014], a platform for writers in the making that haven’t been published on paper yet. These writers can share their texts there, and thus avoid the tedious process of sending a manuscript to dozens of publishing houses and then waiting for an answer that might never arrive. Interested readers can access these texts, leave likes and opinions, start a dialogue with the author and even edit the text if the writer allows this. The site also offers tools and advice for selfpublishing. Penguin Random House would like to use the platform to discover new talent.

Other similar platforms mentioned in Otero’s article are Amateurs Hotel (P5P publishers, also a magazine), where you fill a virtual hotel room with your writings and let other guests visit; Falsaria, that publishes the most voted texts in a trimestral magazine; Café de escritores [“Writers’ café”] Club Dante (Spanish/Italian); Literatura Nova [“New Lit”; austere aethetics]; Next Chap (also an online bookstore); Mambo Mag, focused more on photography.

Also by Penguin Random House but in the US is Book Country. Harper Collins (UK) offers Authonomy.

This blogger had no idea that such networks existed and that there was such a big variety of them.

SOURCE: El País, Nov. 18, 2014


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